2023 Statewide R&R Partnerships Conference

The Child Care Resource Center hosted a two-day conference on August 10th& 11th at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria, in Sacramento. This conference gave us the opportunity to gather all Regional Leads and local R&Rs together in an effort to continue to work together and build our collaborations and relationships as we move into the next phase of our statewide initiative. In total we had 120 attendees from over 35 different agencies throughout the state of California come together to learn, network, and connect.

Attendees got to enjoy small and large group work, over 12 different sessions to choose from, book exchange, and some new swag to take home. Please see event photos and testimonials down below.

For additional information, please contact Breana Marquez at bmarquez@ccrcca.org.

August 10, 2023 | August 11, 2023

Conference Recap

Keynote Speakers

Please hear from our keynote speakers of the 2023 Statewide R&R Partnerships Conference in Sacramento, CA.

IECMH Network: Connect. Reflect. Grow. - Kristina Murphy and Natalie Brazeau Tribal Care Association of CA - Kim Nall and Sara Zapata PBS SoCal - FFN Engagement/Media Mentor - Rosemary Miller

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You down with CoP?: An Introduction to Communities of Practice 

During this session, participants will be introduced to how effective communities of practice can transform our practice and enhance our leadership skills. Participants will learn how the use of protocols drive productive conversations, build collective understanding, and create a safe and collaborate culture and space with professionals in your learning community. Protocols covered: opening move and setting norms.

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Evaluation 101

Evaluation 101 is an overview of the elements of evaluation and its importance to R&R agencies. This session is intended for all levels of staff and will seek to create an understanding of evaluation across an agency. Additionally, this session will help generate-buy in for key evaluation elements such as data collection from front-line staff and outcome measurement from leadership. Current PDG-R data and data dashboards will be used as an example to highlight how evaluation can be used to impact the work of R&R agencies.

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Developing Community Partnerships

Learn how CCRC has grown our partnerships in the local community. Starting with a Communications staff of three and one small in-kind donation (a doll house), we slowly began to participate in meaningful conversations and local business organizations. In 2021 alone, we distributed over 2,585,000 items. We invite you to hear about our journey and how you might start your own!

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You can tune a protocol, but you can't tuna fish: A tuning protocol 

During this session, participants will use a tuning protocol with a practice agenda to reflect on the design of the meeting and collaborate to adjust it, so it better meets the purpose of the meeting. The objective is to get the work “in tune” by aligning the goals and agenda. Protocols to be covered: opening move and tuning protocol for examining adult work.

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Social Media Marketing

Your audience is on social – make sure your organization is there and engaging with them as well. Join us and learn the basics of each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), how to create a content strategy, and we'll demystify your social analytics to best support your social media marketing efforts. 

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Under One Condition: Come Seeking Shared Experiences 

During this session, participants will engage in community building activities that promote trust, communication, reflection, and a sense of collaborative community. The objective is to learn creative ways to bring individuals together through a fun and meaningful shared experience. Protocols to becovered: opening move and meet me in the middle.

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Milestones & More FFN Kit Development

The Milestones & More Play Kit is designed to meet parents and caregivers where they are in the journey to raise children in a nurturing and engaging environment. These age-appropriate kits support a child’s learning through play and brain development with bilingual books, toys, and activity cards for nine different ages and stages. Join us in the development of our new FFN Play Kit. During this session, we will discuss what resources and materials should be included to best support FFN’s and the children in their care. 

Let's Break it Down, (de)briefly

A thorough debriefing after an event, meeting, and/or training helps individuals describe what happened, identify any strengths and challenges, and list any questions that remain. During this session participants will get to experience an engaging debriefing protocol and walk away with a new tool to assist in debriefing future events. Protocols to be covered: opening move and debrief protocol.

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Every successful brand keeps pace with ever-evolving audiences, plans and programs, working across new communications channels, and adopting fresh new ways to resonate and stay relevant. Join us as we discuss the importance of branding and how to build your brand strategy.

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Video Tips & Tricks

Video is taking up a larger space in the digital marketing landscape and we're here to help you learn the basics on script writing, on-camera tips, content strategy, and more! Join us and learn the basics on the top platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. In this session we will focus on video production- how to capture videos like a pro using only your smartphone.

Again, this training will be a four-hour session, split into two-parts. The first half will be instruction, we will show you how a few minimal edits on your smartphone can elevate all sorts of your content from interviews to event coverage. All attendees will receive a media kit and in the second half we will review the materials and teach you how to use them by implementing hands-on live recording scenarios.

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